About the US-India Energy Partnership Summit 2014 - TERI North America


Since its inception in 1974, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been devoted to finding solutions to problems of energy, environment and sustainable development. With an approach that looks beyond the present and across the globe, TERI has grown to establish its presence through offices across the world, including North America. Established in 1990, TERI North America aims to serve as the developing country conscience of global policy-makers on issues of energy, environment, and sustainable development and to mobilize support towards these issues.

One step towards this goal is the annual US-India Energy Partnership Summit, co-organized by TERI North America and Yale University. Initiated in 2009, the Summit brings together senior political representatives and leading policy makers, researchers and corporates from both countries to deliberate and create solutions toward a sustainable future.

Distinguished speakers at previous editions of the Summit have included Al Gore, Former Vice-President, United States of America & Co-Founder and Chairman, Generation Investment Management; John Kerry, then United States Senator from Massachusetts; John Holdren, Assistant to President Obama for Science and Technology and Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Carlos Pascual, Special Envoy & Coordinator International Energy Affairs, Energy Resources Bureau, US Department of State; Daniel Poneman, then Acting Secretary of Energy, US Department of Energy; Rajiv Shah, Administrator, USAID; Nisha Desai Biswal, then Assistant Administrator for Asia and Near East, USAID; and several others from the US government as well as a number of senior Ministers and officials from the Indian government.

The first US-India Energy Partnership Summit, held in 2009, laid the foundation for dialogue between the two countries on matters of collaborations between private organizations, research institutions and government for clean energy and R&D of related technologies. The second Summit, held in 2010 under the theme Technologies and Policies for Energy Security, discussed technologies and partnerships for energy security. At the third Summit, held in 2012, participants discussed how the US and India could improve collaboration on clean technologies under the theme, Fostering Innovations for a Sustainable Future. The 2013 edition of the Summit, themed, Stimulating Technology, Development and Trade, discussed energy security, access and bilateral trade opportunities. These Summits have encouraged greater interactions across sectors in both countries.




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