Parallel Tracks

In addition to the Plenary Sessions, the U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit explored the area of innovation in the energy sector in more detail through three Parallel Tracks. These Tracks consisted of more intimate, two-hour discussions where more interaction was possible and ideas were explored in depth. Here, we have set out several examples of questions that provided starting points for the discussions.

Driving Energy Efficiency Technology Innovation and Adoption

  • What should the agenda be for joint research into energy efficiency and how can such research be quickly brought to the market?
  • How can energy efficiency help to meet India‚Äôs changing energy demands as its population grows and moves to urban areas?
  • How are new energy efficient technologies changing energy access and how can this advance development?


Women and the Green Economy

  • How can the U.S. and India foster greater involvement of women in leading sustainable economic growth?
  • What is the potential for women to contribute to the design and development of a green economy?
  • What is the role of women in advancing energy access and energy security?


Empowering Energy Entrepreneurs

  • How can bilateral cooperation empower entrepreneurs seeking to make society more energy efficient?
  • What barriers do energy entrepreneurs face and which can government practically reduce?
  • What is the role for social entrepreneurship and should it be treated differently?