Since its inception in 1974, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has been devoted to finding solutions to problems of energy, environment and sustainable development. One step towards this goal is the annual US-India Energy Partnership Summit, organized by TERI-North America
and Yale University, which brings together leading researchers and policymakers from both the countries to find ways to a sustainable future.

The first U.S.-India Partnership Summit held in 2009 laid the foundation for dialogue between the two countries on matters of collaborations between private organizations, research institutions and government for clean energy and R&D of related technologies. The second summit held in 2010 discussed technologies and partnerships for energy security. Last year, stakeholders discussed how the U.S. and India could improve collaboration on clean technologies.
These summits have formed the basis of MoUs on clean energy between the Indian and the US governments in the recent past. The fourth U.S.-India Partnership Summit held in May 2013 focused on Stimulating Technology, Development and Trade.