U.S. - India Energy Partnership Summit 2010
Technologies and Policies for Energy Security
September 29, 2010, Washington D.C.
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Conference Overview

Summit Organizers TERI Yale University US India BusinessCouncil A critical meeting of high level stakeholders and decision makers in the US-India relationship on energy is fast approaching.

The pursuit of energy security is now a clear priority for both the United States and India. Closely tied is the issue of climate change which has emerged as the centerpiece of the interface between development and environment. Both energy and climate are areas that inherently demand international collaboration. As large, growing economies and energy consumers, the US and India will and must be leaders in this effort.

The challenges in the area of energy that both countries face present both the need and opportunities for cooperation. As India strives to meet the energy needs of a large population and minimize emissions, it stands to gain from its technology engagement with the US, as does the US energy industry. In the same vein, India and the US – both technology hubs, should collaborate on technology development. The US-India Strategic Dialogue has taken cognizance of these complementarities, and it is in recognition of these exciting possibilities that TERI and Yale University convene the second U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit in Washington, D.C in September 2010.

As TERI and Yale University join hands to build an alliance between the two largest democracies in the world, we invite you to join this effort and visionary endeavor!